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worthy May 01, 2023

I went for a brisk walk with one of my besties last week and we just dove into a deep conversation about feeling free. 

 This is the most potent feeling for me. The fact that I - just - AM whole without any additional props, feeling confident and worthy without any labels to define my value, was one of the biggest milestones in my self-growth. This is what I work on with my private clients. This level of confidence to just BE. 

 All the luxury, bags, shoes, and diamonds are beautiful fluff that most of us women desire. The key is not to let these illusions define who you are. 

 See, that’s the freedom of being I’m talking about. I don’t need your approval upon looking at what I have. I show you how I think and who I am underneath it all because that’s how I build it all. 

 Luxury and fashion is very aligned with me since I was a little girl. Quality and refinement are my natural preferences. The moment I entered a new understanding of what worthiness and true wealth means, I stopped needing any of these things to define me. 

I love them but I don’t put my identity into them. 

Do you get this fine line? 

 I see many people being drawn to other people solely based on the numbers they present and bags, shoes, and materialistic things they show. For some, it’s aligned, and for most, it’s a fake positioning to attract people who feel empty. It doesn’t feel in integrity at all. 

 It’s possible I overcame this need to please, or rather get validated for what I have, the moment I received all the things I dreamed of … 

I started wondering, what’s next then? 

I have all the staples I desired and now what? 

 The items that held the fake sense of validation became empty and I became unattached. 

 I want for you to experience THAT kind of freedom because that’s the next level of self-acceptance, feeling worthy and truly free. 


Margo πŸ’‹

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