Stop resistance 💕💋

stop resistance Mar 05, 2022

People often don’t realize that listening to soul sometimes looks like doing things you don’t feel like doing at the moment. 

Hello resistance 😘

Yes, it would be sweeter to only allow through convenient soul messages, such as - take a rest, eat a piece of chocolate, watch Netflix, buy yourself something luxurious and etcetera. 

But sometimes following soul and staying in alignment looks like writing a difficult email, letting someone go, holding a challenging conversation, or simply a workout that we know our body craves but our stubborn ego just ‘doesn’t want to.’ It feels like watching a little naughty child stomping their feet when a parent says no to another toy. 

This is often what’s blocking your pathway to what you want. Being in alignment is often portrayed as exclusively saying ‘yes’ to all the pleasure and hence the confusion. 

My personal hack and something I share with my private clients is realigning to my desire and reminding myself that my desire is here for me to take/act on. I already declared it’s mine. 

Then I start doing whatever I wasn’t feeling like doing, but in my soul and heart I knew I needed to be doing, just for 5 minutes. I literally put a timer on. 

This is when the flow starts taking over and resistance usually melts. And once it’s done, I’m so proud of myself and thrilled for that little push I gave myself because it takes me closer to what I want. 

Remember on the other side of resistance, there’s always sweet freedom … and sometimes you just need a little push to simply start. 

Love. Malgosia 💋

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