Your Beauty Lies in Acceptance... 💕💋

worthy Aug 28, 2023

Your beauty lies in acceptance of yourself.

Maybe it’s a new definition but since we talk so much about energy, it’s hard to avoid the topic of beauty and magnetism.

When you feel worthy and accept yourself, you emanate a different light of confidence and certainty. That light is energy. With this solid foundation the next step is inevitable - self love. You can’t jump to self love without feeling worthy first.

It will never be anchored to anything real … you will think of taking floral baths and lighting candles but the true self acceptance won’t be there. It’s a superficial fluff that some of us get to believe is self love. In reality it’s a crème de la crème of something that you already feel inside about who you are. It’s sprinkles on how you already feel about YOU and your capabilities to create your own version of dream life … AND how you embrace yourself on a bad day.

Tomorrow I’m welcoming my 47th year around the Sun and I think of all the years when I compared myself to other women, judged my body and was harshly judged by other women. I can’t think of a ‘better’ place that throws you into a self worth game than the modeling industry. I’ve been there, I’ve done that and I grew up fast full of reflections on life, sense of worth and meaning of true sisterhood.

Someone told me the other day that I’m like a fine wine - I get better and more refined with years passing. I’ll take that compliment today and forever…

Stay fabulous x

Love. Malgosia (Margo) 💋

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