WORTHY by Malgosia Stanislawski
Your Exclusive Guide to Programming Yourself Back to Self-Love and Living Your Best Life.


The book ‘WORTHY is a powerful mix of spirituality and science with a subtle touch of woo-woo.

“It all starts on the inside. Let’s unlock your magic, so you can start living your wildest dreams remembering who you were always meant to be.” Malgosia (Margo) Stanislawski

Margo will inspire and motivate you with her charisma and passion for living your heart’s desires.
Her book "worthy" and Life Coaching Programs are created and designed to shift your mindset and experience a deeper sense of self-love, worthiness and confidence.

And this book is the next best thing to working with her privately. 


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About "Worthy" by Malgosia Stanislawski

Worthy is required reading for all young women, and every woman over 30 that’s ever struggled with feelings of self-worth. It can take too long to understand our own uniqueness, and it’s simply not conducive to a great life to always doubt yourself, to always compare yourself to others, to beat yourself up, and then to beat yourself up for beating yourself up. Worthy is jam-packed with essential tools for re-creating you and your brilliance, and creating the foundation on which to launch your dreams.” Sue Fitzmaurice


About the autor

Malgosia (Margo) Stanislawski is a lifelong entrepreneur committed to personal development, freedom to work from any part of the world from her laptop, and impacting millions.

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Download WORTHY-Book FREE pdf sample

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