Life Coaching

I'd love to work with you privately to help you achieve your individual wellness goals and help you start living a happy and fulfilled life.

I know how hard it is to focus on your plans and find the motivation to go after your dreams. Especially when "life happens."

As your private coach, I can give you that push you need to go farther and higher.

You can choose to work with me either via Skype, Teams, Zoom, or in person.

I love working with people face to face. However, I change my location often, and Skype is the best option. I'm currently in Chicago, so if you are close by, we can set up a session and meet in person.

I'm looking forward to working with you,

Malgosia (Margo) 💋





Below are the 3 packages I currently offer if you're interested in working with me privately. My mission as a coach and mentor is to empower women to live healthy, happy, and fulfilled lives where you feel safe to follow your heart desires and dream big, juicy dreams.

I want you to fall in love with your life and fully believe in yourself. Working with me will give you guidance and support to bust through any limitations you see for yourself. I teach you how to reprogram yourself to be in your power and believing you can have it all.



Not many of you know because I don’t advertise it or talk about it often here on fb, but I also offer a VIP in-person Mastermind. It’s a pay-in-full 1-day event, and you choose a location - Paris or Beverly Hills just recently, I added Barcelona per the client’s suggestion. We meet in person and spend 8 hours together designing and upgrading your identity so you can step into your next level of experience. You also receive a total of 10 days of coaching with unlimited access to me via chat and audio messages. 

This one-day Mastermind is a full-on transformation - mindset, wellness, beauty, and style. Of course, we can just focus on one segment if you like. There’s nothing like this on the market, and it’s about elevating your life in each category. It’s like starting a completely new chapter of your life. 

For those of you who don’t know me - Hi, I’m Malgosia, also known as Margo. I have vast experience in the beauty and fashion industry, concentrating on establishing one’s unique style that represents their persona. I’m an expert on Clear Skin and Reverse Aging skin care. I’m a Neuro Linguistic Master Coach, and I also hold a degree in holistic nutrition consulting. All my clients are spiritual and very new age. They are often big enthusiasts of the law of attraction. They are leaders in their field or aspire to be, usually introverted and artistically inclined.

  • This in-person private mastermind is a 22 K investment and includes dinner plus 8 hours of coaching with me. Your flight and accommodation are not covered. I don’t have a sales page for this event. It’s an exclusive and very magical experience that I only offer to my soul tribe. 

NOTE: Private message me when you are ready.


CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRIES CHAMPAGNE - is my high-level full transformation experience.

I have 2 spots for my Chocolate Strawberries Champagne private-level coaching. It’s for the woman who wants to have it all!! I rarely open this program to the public. This is the only level of coaching where we can go through everything in one container - mindset, wellness, and beauty. So, confidence, self-belief, your ideal weight, your hotness, reverse aging skin and body care, your unique + effortless fashion style, dream life creation. It’s a 3-month container where you have private access to me. We have 2 calls a month plus unlimited guidance and support via text and audio messages. I’m basically energetically in your pocket, and what you’ll learn and embody for the rest of your life is freaking priceless!!!

This is such a fierce program and there’s nothing like this on the market.

  • The investment for 3 months right now is 33K and your potential for expansion and major life and identity upgrade … well, it’s a true gift to yourself. I’m talking about inside out full-on transformation. Now it’s 33K and I’m very picky about who I work with at this level. 

NOTE: Private message me if one of these spots is calling your name and you would like to discuss prior to making a purchase.

Investment: $33K



EXPANSION is my favorite container for private access on the go and with complete flow of life.

  • It’s all about freedom and flexibility. You text me whenever - day or night and I answer you at my time. Private access to me via chat messages for guidance and mentorship. Very limited spots for this container.

Investment: 1 month -  $4444

Investment: 3 months - $11K (message me for a link)




WORTHY is my signature 4-week program on worthiness, self-acceptance, and self-love

  •  It’s the empowerment program that rewires your brain by recording your subconscious mind. It’s like the medicine that you were searching for. You get crystal clear on your big vision for your life and you receive mindset and energetic tools on how to get there. Investment is $2222 and you receive daily audio sessions and private access to me via text and audio.

Investment: $2222


LUMINOUS: 21 DAYS TO CLEAR SKIN is my home study program with short and right to the point video sessions on how to create clear, acne fee skin without any prescription drugs. This is something that will change your life if you suffer from breakouts.

  •  This program will teach you what to do to have clear and healthy complexion for life via strategic skin care, nutrient dense nutrition, and powerful mindset. This program is self-paced and it’s only a $333

Investment: $333




BEAUTY IS NOT ONE SIZE - 4-day class on your mindset, magnetism, and beauty.

Investment: $222


CONFIDENCE TO BE A STAR - 4-day class on how to step up your game and boost your confidence.

Investment: $222


RED ROSE - 7-day class on feminine energetics and flow of life.

Investment: $222


WORTHY BOOK - Your Exclusive Guide to Programming Yourself Back to Self-Love and Living Your Best Life.

Investment: $20