My Acne Story

something I want you to know about me and acne

Those of you, who’ve known me through the years, also know a little thing about my skin.

I suffer from acne. Yes, that’s true. Some of my clients still don’t believe me and say: “Malgosia, stop! Your skin is gorgeous.” I admit, I’m always very happy to hear that and it tickles my ego. I truly take it as the best complement every single time I hear it. It’s my proof that what I do, really works.

Listen, I do have acne but I keep it under control and teach the same to my clients. I’ve been my own study case since I can remember. I went to number of professional skin care classes, seminars, workshops, talked to many wise people, visited only well researched dermatologists in Europe and US, read tons of books on the topic of acne, health, nutrition and well-being, tried Chinese medicine and acupuncture, tested a massive amount of simple, organic, commercial and luxurious products, made mistakes, but finally, after 2 decades of research, I figured it out! I know the secret combination and want to share my golden nuggets with you. I’m your expert!

I’m positive I can help you feel better about your skin. My expertise combines 3 different worlds of studies: esthetics, holistic health, and mindset work.  

Acne not only affects your face but also your emotions. It is a root cause of many insecurities including lack of confidence, low self-esteem and often depression. Let me get something straight: treating your skin and wanting to feel attractive and polished doesn’t mean you’re vain. Quite opposite, actually. It means you’re taking matters into your own hands and are about to improve the quality of your life.

When we look better, we feel better. When we feel better, the world treats us better. Why? Because people crave to be around other people who are happy, fulfilled and inspiring.

Up till this point, I’ve been only teaching my method through VIP 1:1 Clear Skin Coaching packages.  Since I can only teach and share my knowledge with a very limited group of people due to time restraints and the fact that it’s not humanly possible since it’s just me who coaches in my business, I’ve designed a self- study program that allows me to present this material to the BIG audience. That deep desire in my heart, propelled me to create my Signature program:  

21 Days to Clear Skin Academy.

What is the 21 Days to Clear Skin Academy? It’s my Signature program and it consists of 21 coaching sessions on skin care, nutrition and lifestyle. After completing it, you'll know exactly what to do to gain control over your breakouts. This is your shortcut to my 2 decades of knowledge and experience. You get the essence on the topic of skin care, strategic nutrition and powerful mindset all geared towards giving you knowledge on how to manage your breakouts. Once you have these tools, it’s instilled in you for life.

If you want to learn more about me and the path that took me to where I am now, please read it HERE.

Stay warm lovely :)

Looking forward to working with you,


Life Coach and Clear Skin Expert