I’ve created this universal program because of my own journey to acne free skin. I understand the frustration, the lack of confidence and the constant stress over what people think of you and how unprofessional you look in the business world not being able to take care of your own skin. The emotional stigma is overwhelming and can even lead to depression, feeling unattractive and doubting your own worth.

It took me many years to figure it all out and now I want to share my knowledge with you. This course is your shortcut to my 20 years of Skin Care, Wellness and Nutrition experience, plus I added some Life Coaching sessions on Mindset. It’s all in there. I'm going to teach you the exact steps that will allow you to finally manage your skin to its clear and healthy stage.

You’re getting the true ESSENCE of how to finally manage your breakouts. You won't have to ever again stress about it because once you go through this course, the knowledge stays with you - for LIFE. It becomes part of you! It'll elevate your confidence and dissolve any insecurities around your image. You'll have your own Clear Skin tool box for life.

If you feel like you tried everything and it seems like nothing really works, I encourage you to invest in this self-study course for yourself because wanting to look your best is not vain. It runs much deeper than visuals and what we can see with a naked eye. It's about your self-esteem, believing in yourself and confidence to go after your dreams.

My intention is to EMPOWER YOU.

Are you ready to jump in?

What's included:

  • 3 MODULES:

You'll get 13 video lessons (5-10minutes long) + audios + manuals that will cover everything you need to know to have clear, radiant and healthy skin for life. I give you all the tools, I share with you THE ESSENCE of my 20+ years in the beauty industry;

MODULE 1: 5 Video Sessions on Skin Care

MODULE 2: 5 Video Sessions on Nutrition

MODULE 3: 3 Video Sessions on Lifestyle


Insider's Secrets and out of this world tips and tricks to speed up your process. You'll get 5 additional sessions in text and audio format to deepen your knowledge and empower you even more. Among them:

>> Disaster 101 – What to Do with That Pimple

>> Signature Clear Skin Smoothie Recipe

>> Best Supplements for Smooth and Healthy Skin






Hold on to your seat! I dare you to dive into private clear skin coaching with me. One on one, You and me for 3 weeks. This is my favorite package for clients who want to finally have clear, breakout free skin because it gives you so much knowledge, tools and motivation that there's no other choice but to succeed. You'll know exactly what to do to have a smooth and beautiful skin for life. Your overall health will improve as a bonus. I'll personally teach you how to control your acne once and for all. This package includes:

  • 1 x Signature Clear Skin Consultation - customized skin care product recommendation and written report (valued at $297)
  • 1 x 60 minute Intensive Coaching sessions with me on Skin Care via Skype, Zoom or on location (valued at $297)
  • 1 x 60 minute Intensive Coaching session with me on Nutrition via Skype, Zoom or on location (valued at $297)
  • 1 x 60 minute Intensive Coaching session with me on Mindset via Skype, Zoom or on location (valued at $297)
  • Private email access and support on dedicated office hours (3 emails per package valued at $297, any additional emails $99 per consultation)

This is going to be available for the short period of time only, so hop on this offer and stop wasting your money on unnecessary products or treatments that simply won't work. This gives you tools for life. Are you ready?





I offer a virtual Clear Skin Consultation. Therefore, wherever in the world you're, you can purchase this private Consultation and have a customized feedback from me on how to improve your skin once and for all.

It's a small investment considering that once you have the tools and knowledge, it's yours for life and you can make your own educated choices.

Through the years I found that many people make mistakes with product choices that are simply not suitable for their skin types. Very often minor adjustments can bring amazing results.

It might be surprising and counter-intuitive but the questions you’ll be asked are very specific and detailed. It's a thorough process and you have to keep in mind, it’s not just what you apply to your face but also your lifestyle in general that contributes to the look of your skin.

Once you submit your answers, I'm going to evaluate them and email you your customized report within 3 days.

The consultation includes:

  • Questionnaire
  • Customized email report on what type of products to use
  • 30 minute 1:1 Coaching session addressing results of Questionnaire