Meet Malgosia


My name is Malgosia aka Margo. I’m so thrilled you’re here!

So, a little bit more about myself…

As you know, I’m a Life Coach, Health Coach, and Skin Care Expert. I love to travel and experience life to the fullest. I love to eat good and healthy foods, I enjoy fashion and beauty,  but most of all I adore meaningful conversations and deeply believe in the power of mindset.

Mindset is truly everything!

It’s how you think of life in general. It’s your job, your relationships, your confidence, your actions – your entire approach to everything you do depends on your mindset. I bet you can sense how powerful this is! It’s the difference between having a dream and living your dream. It’s the essence of everything we do or don’t do in life.

I believe that you’re the CEO of your life.

Doesn’t that sound fascinating and juicy? And it’s true. Once you get the tools and the mindset of “I can, if I want to,” it’s up to you how high you want to go. We’re all different individuals, and different things drive us, but there’s a common ground that can take us to the place we want: its mind, body, and spirit combo. Let me explain: nutrition is your fuel, and it gives you energy and focus; exercise gives you physical strength and stress reduction, mindset, which consists of many other branches, gives you the rest – fulfillment and joy in life.

So, what shaped my outlook on life?

I grew up in Poland. Didn’t have much but always felt happy.

I started working at 16; I was a runway model. I didn’t believe in myself, but this experience somehow gave me a bit of confidence and validation of my worth at that time. All of a sudden, I was earning a lot of money, much more than my parents ever did. It also exposed me to growing up fast and being around people who were much older than me. I learned a lot about different personality types, good and bad intentions, and show-business.

I came from Poland to the States at 21. I dropped University after studying Sociology for two years and followed my boyfriend to Chicago, leaving everything I knew behind. How scary is that?

Then I went to college and studied Marketing and Management. At the same time, I completed the school of Esthetics and received my certification and licensing.

At only 24, I had my own very successful skincare boutique and earned more than I could ever imagine at that age.

At around 26, I’ve become very interested in healthy eating and wellness. Why? Because I had my first scare with hypoglycemia and almost fell and fainted from low blood sugar. I was saved by people who I worked with, but that event and the news of diabetes in my closest family changed my perspective on many things.

From that point on, I devoted my free time to studying over 100 nutritional theories, psychology, and overall mind and body connection.

At 29, I was a fashion stylist at a high-end department store in Chicago. Then, I studied Interior Design and did some fun designing projects at 31. The art world was nice, glamorous, and lucrative, but it didn’t give me the fulfillment I was seeking.

 At around 32, I went through another huge personal growth moment that made me reevaluate everything in my life. I started questioning many aspects of my life – my purpose, existence, and meaning. I experienced panic attacks, one scary ER visit, and depression-like low mood feelings. I started searching for answers and dived into spirituality and the deeper meaning of life than just to exist. I was looking for zest and excitement, for joy and happiness. I felt like I was this old soul living in a young body. What else was there to discover?

Then, in 2012 I earned my Health Coaching degree from the New York Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I started health coaching - first my family and friends, myself, and then clients. It felt very empowering to know that I had the tools to improve the health and well-being of other people.

I knew I was on the right path. I started researching spirituality and mindset, which gave me totally new angle on what I’ve learned so far.

All of my life experiences brought me to the place I’m in now. I was searching for something meaningful that would actually change lives, and I found it in Life Coaching. That’s what I always wanted! I was always eager to have an impact. Go deep and tangibly transform something – in this case, the lives of others. It’s priceless to see how people quickly realize that our time on earth is limited and it’s up to us if we live our lives to the fullest. Yes, we have that power.

As of 2013, I’m sharing my life between Europe and America. I’m in the finishing stages of completing my first book and also designed my Signature course on acne, where I combined three fields – Esthetics, Nutrition, and Mindset into one powerful training.

I totally love my life and love what I do. I’ve created this lifestyle.  It started with a thought in my mind.


Do you feel like you need guidance? My life coaching style will challenge your beliefs and empower you to claim the life you always dreamed of. Don’t worry; I’m gentle but will trigger you and hold you accountable because I want you to excel and get what you desire from life. Remember, when we work together, I’m not your friend but your coach. The difference is huge. Go to Private Coaching to book a life coaching session with me, or contact me via email to see if we are the right fit.

I truly believe in You!


All the best,
Life Coach Margo