‘Worthy & Free. Travel and Quantum Leaping.’ - S2.E8

Season #2

Learning to Chill and Take Care of Yourself with Margo's Quantum Leaping Travel Tale:

Margo loves traveling. It's her way of finding out more about herself and what she really wants.

But she shared a super important tip in her podcast: when she gets back from trips, she has to take it easy and think about everything she saw and did.

If she doesn't, she ends up feeling really stressed because there's so much stuff waiting for her at home. She talked about how taking a break isn't just sitting around; it's actually doing something good for herself.

Margo thinks when we relax and take care of ourselves, we're getting ready for even cooler stuff in life. It's like making sure we're in the right mood and energy to handle our big dreams and plans.

Margo says it's all about knowing what you need and giving it to yourself. That's how you keep growing and staying true to what you want. She reminds everyone to love themselves a bit more every day and that it's okay to slow down after a big adventure. That's the secret to staying happy and moving forward.