'Worthy & Free. Expect It! Instead of Blocking the FLOW’ – S3.E1

Season #3

Expect It! Instead of Blocking the FLOW

The following podcast focuses on the theme of aligning with one's desires versus inadvertently blocking them due to underlying beliefs. Margo encourages listeners to examine the deeper subconscious thoughts that hinder the realization of their dreams, emphasizing the importance of a positive mindset and self-worth in overcoming these obstacles.

Main Teachings:

  • Expect vs. Block Your Dreams: Understand whether you are truly open to receiving your dream life or if you are unknowingly blocking it due to deep-seated beliefs.
  • Identify and Overcome Mindset Barriers: Recognize that it's not just superficial thoughts but deeply ingrained subconscious beliefs that prevent your desires from manifesting in your reality.
  • The Role of Resistance: Acknowledge how continuous negative beliefs create resistance in your energetic field, repelling what you desire.
  • Contradictory Beliefs: Examples like desiring a beach house but fearing flood risks, or wanting to be on TV but feeling inadequate in communication or appearance, illustrate how specific beliefs can block dreams.
  • Sense of Worthiness: The foundation for attracting your desires is a deep-rooted sense of worthiness and the trust that your desires are valid and achievable.
  • Overcoming Repellence: Emphasize the need to align your sense of worth with your desires to avoid repelling what you seek.