'Worthy & Free. Your Love Affair with Time’ – S3.E2

Season #3

Your Love Affair with Time

In this insightful episode, Margo delves into the relationship we have with time, particularly among women. She shares her personal journey and revelations about time management, including her insights from human design perspective, as a projector. Margo emphasizes the importance of honoring oneself, establishing healthy boundaries, and the necessity of recharging in solitude for overall well-being. She challenges the common excuse of "not having enough time," advocating for prioritization and focusing on what truly matters to everyone. Through her story and advice, listeners are encouraged to reassess their time allocation and to craft a life that aligns with their deepest desires and values.

Listeners will learn:

  • Insights on Common Time Management Struggles: Understanding the pervasive issue of feeling time-pressed among high achievers and strategies to address it.
  • The Importance of Self-Honor and Boundaries: How recognizing and respecting your natural tendencies and needs can lead to a healthier relationship with time.
  • Prioritization is Key: Strategies for identifying what truly matters in your life and dedicating time to these priorities to lead a more fulfilled and joyful life.
  • Practical Tips for Time Management: Suggestions for distinguishing between what moves you closer to your goals and what constitutes noise in your life.