Self Acceptance

manifestation worthy Jul 06, 2023

Self acceptance is accepting and loving yourself in your entirety. Not just your spiritual and emotional body but also your physical expression. Self acceptance is a prerequisite to your - best life manifestation journey.

It’s very liberating, so deliciously empowering…

Once you get there, into that sweet state of accepting yourself, you become untamed and this might sound quite dangerous to some because it’s challenging to control a woman who expresses herself shamelessly. Yes, that’s right, shame is one of the greatest tools society uses to control us.

When you feel worthy and fully accept yourself, you become free, baby!!

And …

  • It’s hard to control a wild woman who knows what she wants, knows pleasure and lives by pleasure. And on the top of this, when she fully recognizes her worth, then -

my goodness … World, watch out!

  • She’s like an irresistible elixir of eternal youth and a pot of bottomless inspiration.

She becomes a MUSE

Stay fabulous x

Love. Malgosia (Margo) 💋

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