Dream Big 💕💋

mindset Aug 14, 2023

Just signed another book … the feeling is unmatchable and fills up my heart with so much joy and immense gratitude.

And each time a different message comes through for a dedication.

I remember in 2015 this was a dream and now it’s happening on repeat. It’s still completely organic but I trust it lands in hands of people who need this powerful activation to start living their best life!

Love. Malgosia (Margo)

WORTHY Book (chocolatestrawberrieschampagne.com)

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Lowered frequency... 💕💋

mindset Jun 04, 2023

Don’t be tempted to lower your frequency in order to fit in. If people desire to stay in your circle, let them calibrate to your magic.

Your authenticity and presence are everything!! They affect your surroundings continuously creating a ripple effect. Your foundation to having it all is your sense of worthiness and acceptance of self. Only then you get to experience the sweet reward - that feeling of effortless creation and beautiful flow of life, the sexy dance between tangible and intangible. It’s all part of your inner alignment to your big vision, to your heart’s dream.

You’re innately worthy so just stay fabulous!

Have a beautiful Sunday,

Love. Malgosia (Margo)

Chocolate Strawberries Champagne by Face Wellness

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