Is your sense of Worthiness attached to what you have or who you are?

mindset worthy Feb 20, 2024

What determines a person's worthiness?


When your sense of worthiness is attached to your ego, it mainly relies on what you have and not who you are.

Subtracting what you have doesn’t make you less worthy, although ego would often get shaken by this. It loves the illusion of more means MORE worthy

The truth is your true sense of worthiness is steady, it’s not a wave.

Your worthiness just is and it goes beyond the circumstances of having or not having things.

Things are just things.

Attaching our sense of worthiness to things is damaging, destructive, painful and it delays the whole journey of creating the lifestyle that you dream of …

And it stops expansion of the inner world.

Those who are here for the chase, a rat race of who has more, are not my audience. Formulas of how to make a 100K a day, a week, a month don’t thrill me. Quite opposite. I see the shallow part of it and I run the other direction.

Know your personal values and stick with...

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Embracing Life's Lessons. A Journey of Self-Acceptance and Growth

mindset Feb 10, 2024

This article explains why mistakes are necessary part of our inner growth.

Hey, it's Margo here. Today, I'm talking about something significant: messing up and making mistakes. I want to share some thoughts on how we can look at these things differently to help us grow and be okay with ourselves. Please also check out the podcast on the same subject.

The Good Stuff in Goofs

  • Learning from Whoopsies: Don't try to wipe away your blunders. If you do, you're also tossing out all the good stuff you've learned. Ever thought about getting rid of mistakes? That would mean losing all the lessons you've picked up, making you a totally different person, in my opinion.
  • You're Still Awesome: When we beat ourselves up over screw-ups, calling ourselves lazy or dumb, we're basically telling ourselves we're not good enough. At that moment, we forget how awesome we really are just by being human. It's super important to remember and accept that we're valuable, even when we goof up.



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Quantum Leaping in Travel

manifestation mindset Jan 30, 2024

A Journey of Personal Growth. Manifest and bloom.

Hey everyone, it's Margo here. I'm really pumped to talk about my recent trips around Europe.

These trips were a huge deal for me, changing me in big ways. For me, traveling is how I really connect with myself, what I want, and what I feel.

It's like going through big changes over and over again. Every trip changes me, it's a journey that transforms me.

But, I've figured something out: these big changes don't just happen. I need to really take my time to soak it all in. I have to slow down, think about the places I've been, and the cultures I've experienced to really get the most out of my travels.

  • Why it's important to take it easy after a trip
  • How soaking in your experiences helps you grow
  • The big changes depend on really embracing the journey

 When I get back, I often find myself caught up in the hustle, doing chores, and catching up on things I missed. That's me being in a "do" mode.

But I've learned it's crucial to switch...

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Embracing Self-Love: A Journey to Happy Days and Beyond.

mindset podcasts worthy Jan 23, 2024

Go Have your own back and Validate Yourself.

Introduction: In a world dominated by social media, it's easy to get caught up in the validation of others, seeking external approval for our thoughts and creations.

However, true happiness lies in validating oneself, detaching from the insecurities that external measures can bring. Today, let's shift our focus inward and explore the transformative power of self-love.

Remember those days when the number of likes on Facebook determined your worth?

The quest for external validation led to stress and disappointment. It's a common struggle, but the key is realizing that ‘likes’ don't define your impact.

Validation starts from within, and as we detach from the need for external approval, we open ourselves to a world of genuine self-expression. In those moments of authenticity, we activate joy and create a flow in our lives that feels effortless.

The synchronicity between passion and self-expression becomes a beacon, influencing not...

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Understanding Circumstantial Worthiness and Personal Power.

Manifesting Inner Strength

In a recent social media post, I discussed how relying on external circumstances for a sense of worthiness traps us from true freedom.

This is intricately linked to our personal power, a concept central to the law of attraction and empowerment. Here's a breakdown of what circumstantial worthiness involves:

  • Reliance on favorable external conditions (like health, appearance, money, relationships)
  • Temporary feelings of self-love and adequacy
  • The illusion of self-empowerment when circumstances are positive

The Role of Universal Laws in Manifesting Inner Strength

Circumstantial worthiness is superficial and fleeting. It's about the external validation we often seek. But what about when circumstances aren't ideal?

This is where the universal laws, particularly the law of attraction, play a pivotal role. Manifesting personal power and a deep sense of worthiness comes from within, not external factors. Key aspects include:

  • Recognizing the superficiality of...
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My Journey to Personal Empowerment.

Happy Days ahead with self-validation.

Today, I would like to share my experiences and insights on the importance of self-love, validation, and the power of detaching from external approval to embrace a life filled with happy days and synchronicity.

Initially, I struggled with the need for external validation, especially on social media platforms like Facebook.

The lack of interaction on my posts, which were heartfelt expressions, often left me feeling unheard and unseen. This experience taught me a crucial lesson about the significance of self-validation over external approval.


  • The shift from External Approval to Self-Validation: I realized that seeking validation from others, primarily through social media interactions is irrelevant. The accurate measure of my worth and the impact of my content comes from within.
  • Epiphany of Self-Centeredness as Self-Love: I discovered that doing things out of passion and joy and focusing on my happiness creates a positive flow...
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The Energetic Frequency of Words. Synchronize, and manifest your life’s transformation’ - S2.E4 πŸ’•πŸ’‹

Unlock personal power through intentional self-talk.

Your words have a unique frequency, shaping your mind and life. Embrace self-love, create inner shifts, and manifest positive change. Activate your potential revolution now!

Introduction: In this podcast, Margo explores the transformative power of the words we speak to ourselves, emphasizing their unique frequency and impact on our lives.

The guidance revolves around self-programming, the subconscious mind's receptivity, and the potential for personal revolution through intentional language.

Main Ideas:

  1. Frequency of Words:
    • The words we speak to ourselves carry a unique frequency.
    • Understanding and harnessing this frequency can lead to a significant inner shift.
  1. Universal Laws and Self-Programming:
    • Continuous self-coding is occurring, influencing our brain and subconscious mind.
    • The power lies in consistently providing nourishing thoughts, such as self-acceptance and self-love, throughout the day.
  1. ...
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The Power of a 5-minute Meditation πŸ’•πŸ’‹

meditation mindset Dec 23, 2023

Take a brief journey within yourself for as little as five minutes, finding peace amid the noise around you.

A quick meditation is like a personal sanctuary, a special break where your mind relaxes and your soul refreshes.

Whether you're new to meditation or have been doing it for a while, this practice is for everyone, inviting you to create a small moment of quiet in the middle of the busy outside world.

The beauty of this relaxation and breathing exercise lies in its simplicity – no need for complicated rituals or a lot of time.

In just five minutes, the Power of 5-Minute Meditation effortlessly brings a sense of calm, helping you center yourself and access a deep well of inner peace. It can become a daily habit, a mini getaway that adds moments of mindfulness to your day.

As the minutes pass, you'll discover the transformative power of this Practice. Focusing on your breath grounds your mind in the present moment. Stress starts to fade, and the busy thoughts in your head...

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Perfectionism kept me on pause. Law of Attraction's blocker πŸ’•πŸ’‹


Perfectionism kept me on pause!!! Law of Attraction's worst enemy. Why it is not always good trying to be perfect.

  • Only true perfectionists glorify perfection in the context of what I do or how I show up in the world and on social media.
  • Here’s the most honest truth I can share with you regarding the biggest mental shift in my life ….
  • The most grandiose re-frame that created freedom in my life was the realization that perfectionism kept me on pause, in overwhelm, unfulfilled and in the state of frequent worry and anxiety.

This is how most women relate to me, especially the ones who read my book Worthy and know the underpin of my entire mission and purpose for being online and coaching other women back to their personal power.

Detach Yourself from Perfection

Perfectionism is directly connected to the feeling that we’re not enough as we are therefore continuously trying to prove our worth and value to others around us. It is a major obstacle.

This is what I...

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You don't need a permission! Major mindset and manifestation shift πŸ’•πŸ’‹


You don't need a permission! Let’s get some things straight.

The work starts here:

“You deserve it” is not a compliment. You don’t need to earn it to deserve it. You’re undeniably worthy without earning it!! You already know it and obviously you deserve it.

  • Nobody needs to grant you permission to be D E S E R V I N G of it.
  • You don’t need a third-party approval on your dreams. You declare it for yourself.

You know it, you feel it, you BE it.

Love. Malgosia (Margo)

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