5 Instant Mood-Boosting Hacks to Transform Your Day

5 Instant Mood-Boosting Hacks to Transform Your Day: Essential Oils, Sunlight, Gratitude, Dance, and Chocolate.

These hacks can change your mood and energetic state almost instantly!!

I was in a stuck energy yesterday and quickly managed to change my state turning the day around. I’ve created a little list for you as a guide to take you out of the lousy mood:

  1. Smell your favorite essential oil - I love rose, jasmine, geranium
  2. Look directly in the sun for a few moments to signal to your brain to stimulate vitamin D production
  3. Journal on gratitude and all the things that you’re thankful for including the simplest aspects of present moment such as sun shine, a hug, I love you’s …
  4. Now move the energy. Put your favorite music on and start dancing like nobody is watching or jump on a small trampoline (I acquired one during pandemic)
  5. Eat a piece of dark chocolate or drink a high quality cup of hot cacao



Do it in that specific order !

As always ~

Stay fabulous while on your journey x

Wishing you a wonderful day,


Love. Malgosia (Margo) 💋




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