Stop Diluting Your Message! 💕💋

stop resistance Sep 19, 2023

Your message is your truth!

It’s your heart, your soul, your unique beat. I used to do that being concerned about people who don’t get what I’m saying. Trying to ‘convert’ them and explain myself. Now I’m seeing things differently, more clearly and it opened up more channels for me. It liberated me in new ways, because there are always more layers to peel off. We do that throughout the entire life.

Again, there’s no perfection, only progress.

Today I know that my art is my art.

I’m proud of it.

I own it.

It’s not my job to make people understand me. You either do or you don’t and I’m fine with that.

It feels expansive and like I’m embarking on an advanced journey.

Last few days were so enlightening. So many new opportunities are coming my way…

And I’m ready for more revelations.

Ahh life is good when we dare to live with a heart open and in full integrity with our message and who we are beyond our...

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Stop resistance 💕💋

stop resistance Apr 03, 2023

People often don’t realize that listening to soul sometimes looks like doing things you don’t feel like doing at the moment. 

Hello resistance 

Yes, it would be sweeter to only allow through convenient soul messages, such as - take a rest, eat a piece of chocolate, watch Netflix, buy yourself something luxurious and etcetera. 

But sometimes following soul and staying in alignment looks like writing a difficult email, letting someone go, holding a challenging conversation, or simply a workout that we know our body craves but our stubborn ego just ‘doesn’t want to.’ It feels like watching a little naughty child stomping their feet when a parent says no to another toy. 

This is often what’s blocking your pathway to what you want. Being in alignment is often portrayed as exclusively saying ‘yes’ to all the pleasure and hence the confusion. 

My personal hack and something I share with my private clients is...

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