You don't need a permission! 💕💋

worthy Nov 21, 2023

Let’s get some things straight -

“You deserve it” is not a compliment. You don’t need to earn it to deserve it. You’re undeniably worthy without earning it!! You already know it and obviously you deserve it. Nobody needs to grant you permission to be D E S E R V I N G of it.

You don’t need a third party approval on your dreams. You declare it for yourself.

You know it, you feel it, you BE it.

Love. Malgosia (Margo)

Chocolate Strawberries Champagne by Face Wellness

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Validation 💕💋

worthy Nov 15, 2023

It’s so hard believing in yourself and your mission when you don’t see as much ‘validation’ as you’d like. As a society, we’re addicted to validation.

On one hand I totally get this need for validation, it’s some sort of a proof that our human ego needs…

But when you really feel like you need that proof are you unworthy without it?

I know my worth, my value and what I bring to the table, therefore as much as I like it and it absolutely thrills me to be loved and liked for my pictures, I don’t need it. I DESIRE something deeper - recognition and acknowledgment once I’m seen.

I’m the one, as you are the one for yourself, and I remember that and I roll.

See that little nuance between these 2 states of being?

One is desperate and unsure and the other one is welcoming and simultaneously stands in her power.

And as always -

Stay fabulous!

Love. Malgosia (Margo)

Chocolate Strawberries Champagne by Face Wellness

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It's much easier to Criticize than to Praise 💕💋

worthy Oct 03, 2023

However, when we are seen and appreciated, it makes us so fabulously happy, right?

It builds us and boosts courage to spread the wings and reach for our dreams.

It doesn’t cost a thing to be kind. It should be normal but it’s not common.

It’s not easy because we’re programmed to see negativity and in our yet undiscovered sense of unworthiness, our lens is focused on noticing same things in others.

But …

If there is a contrast in what you see while looking honestly at the situation despite the jealousy and judgment, is there something that inspires you?

Then take it as an invitation to expand and realize that if it’s possible for her, it’s possible for you. The only difference is the clarity on your dream and another itsy bitsy piece ….

You guessed what it is?

Freaking UNWAVERING self belief!!

Easier said than done?

Absolutely but how powerfully rewarding!

That’s what I do with my private clients, my program Worthy and all my...

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Quick fixes... 💕💋

worthy Sep 05, 2023

Quick fixes don’t exist!

You need to devote your time and make a commitment.

That dream lifestyle that you envision for yourself is available but it’s a compounding effect of all the choices you make.

And with each personal upgrade that you celebrate, you discover new layers of thinking patterns to recode that will allow you to fly even higher.

Stay fabulous.

Dream big.

And love with your whole heart -

Never forget …

Your worthiness is innate

Love. Malgosia (Margo)

Chocolate Strawberries Champagne by Face Wellness

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Your Beauty Lies in Acceptance... 💕💋

worthy Aug 28, 2023

Your beauty lies in acceptance of yourself.

Maybe it’s a new definition but since we talk so much about energy, it’s hard to avoid the topic of beauty and magnetism.

When you feel worthy and accept yourself, you emanate a different light of confidence and certainty. That light is energy. With this solid foundation the next step is inevitable - self love. You can’t jump to self love without feeling worthy first.

It will never be anchored to anything real … you will think of taking floral baths and lighting candles but the true self acceptance won’t be there. It’s a superficial fluff that some of us get to believe is self love. In reality it’s a crème de la crème of something that you already feel inside about who you are. It’s sprinkles on how you already feel about YOU and your capabilities to create your own version of dream life … AND how you embrace yourself on a bad day.

Tomorrow I’m welcoming my 47th...

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Self Acceptance 💕💋

worthy Jul 06, 2023

Self acceptance is accepting and loving yourself in your entirety. Not just your spiritual and emotional body but also your physical expression. It’s very liberating, so deliciously empowering…

Once you get there, into that sweet state of accepting yourself, you become untamed and this might sound quite dangerous to some because it’s challenging to control a woman who expresses herself shamelessly. Yes, that’s right, shame is one of the greatest tools society uses to control us.

When you feel worthy and fully accept yourself, you become free, baby!!

And …

It’s hard to control a wild woman who knows what she wants, knows pleasure and lives by pleasure. And on the top of this, when she fully recognizes her worth, then -

my goodness … World, watch out!

She’s like an irresistible elixir of eternal youth and a pot of bottomless inspiration.

She becomes a MUSE

Stay fabulous x

Love. Malgosia (Margo)

Chocolate Strawberries Champagne...

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You are FREE 💕💋

worthy May 01, 2023

I went for a brisk walk with one of my besties last week and we just dove into a deep conversation about feeling free. 

 This is the most potent feeling for me. The fact that I - just - AM whole without any additional props, feeling confident and worthy without any labels to define my value, was one of the biggest milestones in my self-growth. This is what I work on with my private clients. This level of confidence to just BE. 

 All the luxury, bags, shoes, and diamonds are beautiful fluff that most of us women desire. The key is not to let these illusions define who you are. 

 See, that’s the freedom of being I’m talking about. I don’t need your approval upon looking at what I have. I show you how I think and who I am underneath it all because that’s how I build it all. 

 Luxury and fashion is very aligned with me since I was a little girl. Quality and refinement are my natural preferences. The moment I entered a new...

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Your dream life is fear FREE 💕💋

worthy Apr 17, 2023

Fear will always cause you to clam up and hide from your big dreams. It’ll make you want to numb this reality to forget the pain, hurt, and feeling unworthy of what you want from life.

Numbing can look like wine each night, sugar addiction, binge eating, shopping - well, you name it, whatever feels better and brings comfort at the moment. 

But without feeling your shadow, your pain, your hurt - how can you heal and move on? 

You need to face your demons otherwise it’s like applying a superficial sparkly band-aid each time you hide. Reading something inspiring or doing affirmations can be that superficial something to temporarily feel better too. It’s not going to stick though, and this band-aid can be peeled off anytime. Sometimes it just falls off on its own. It’s fluff, a temporary relief. 

The real inner work goes deep into your subconscious coding and requires willingness and devotion of time to shift energies and rearrange your...

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