Your dream life is fear FREE 💕💋

worthy Feb 23, 2022

Fear will always cause you to clam up and hide from your big dreams. It’ll make you want to numb this reality to forget the pain, hurt, and feeling unworthy of what you want from life.

Numbing can look like wine each night, sugar addiction, binge eating, shopping - well, you name it, whatever feels better and brings comfort at the moment. 

But without feeling your shadow, your pain, your hurt - how can you heal and move on? 

You need to face your demons otherwise it’s like applying a superficial sparkly band-aid each time you hide. Reading something inspiring or doing affirmations can be that superficial something to temporarily feel better too. It’s not going to stick though, and this band-aid can be peeled off anytime. Sometimes it just falls off on its own. It’s fluff, a temporary relief. 

The real inner work goes deep into your subconscious coding and requires willingness and devotion of time to shift energies and rearrange your...

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You are FREE 💕💋

worthy Feb 12, 2022

I went for a brisk walk with one of my besties last week and we just dove into a deep conversation about feeling free. 

 This is the most potent feeling for me. The fact that I - just - AM whole without any additional props, feeling confident and worthy without any labels to define my value, was one of the biggest milestones in my self-growth. This is what I work on with my private clients. This level of confidence to just BE. 

 All the luxury, bags, shoes, and diamonds are beautiful fluff that most of us women desire. The key is not to let these illusions define who you are. 

 See, that’s the freedom of being I’m talking about. I don’t need your approval upon looking at what I have. I show you how I think and who I am underneath it all because that’s how I build it all. 

 Luxury and fashion is very aligned with me since I was a little girl. Quality and refinement are my natural preferences. The moment I entered a new...

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