Money DOES NOT buy Mental Health

mindset transformation Mar 20, 2024

Money does not buy You Mental Health

I’m watching the Kardashians on Hulu, the 4 new seasons recorded after 2020. I don’t know previous seasons, well, I’d be lying actually, haha!! I watched it in 2018 when we lived in Barcelona and it was the best entertaining show plus you could see so much of behind the scenes of really high luxury lifestyle.

This episode I just watched from a year ago is when they went to Milan for the Fashion Week. This is exactly the week when I was in Milan and I remember the whole buzz  around their arrival. I remember huge crowds in front of the hotel when we were sightseeing on the foot, our favorite way to explore the city.

I asked a couple of young people in the crowd if they knew what was happening. They said that Kendall is staying in that particular hotel and they are all waiting for her to exit so they can see her live and snap pictures.

See, this is the kind of game that doesn’t thrill me. Watching the show I quickly grasp that they are living in a gold cage. They can’t even go grocery shopping any more.

As much as many people dream of huge fame, imagining stepping into that level of recognition creates instant contraction in my body. No wonder they openly talk about anxiety and panic attacks on the show. I appreciate those acknowledgments of human conditions and I know it helps others to know that money doesn’t buy you mental health.

It’s not freedom anymore.

Freedom feels like doing anything you want but without hiding and also being relaxed doing it. You can leave your house without makeup on or designer clothes and you’re happy. All that foo foo, fluff fluff is not mandatory but for them, public personas, who are loved for their beauty and style, it is.

Anyhow, my reflections on Friday 😘

I love watching reality shows - Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kardashians, recently Love is Blind. These show me so much of our human selves, our reactions, fears, doubts.

Years ago I’d be ashamed to admit it since I’m always surrounded by scholars looking down on me, but this is my era of knowing what I like, embracing it and saying it out loud.

As always ~

Stay fabulous while on your journey x

Wishing you a wonderful day,


Love. Malgosia (Margo) 💋



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