Embrace Your Authenticity: Beyond Social Media's Illusion

Embrace Your Authenticity: Beyond Social Media's Illusion:

People are funny sometimes.

They think that they know everything about you just from seeing little curated slivers of your life on social media …

I control what I show and there’s a vast number of things I don’t share. This platform and social media in general is for me and not the other way around. I control what I see and what I share.

Same with my phone, it doesn’t control me and my time …

I have authority over that.

But some people forget …

Phones and social media took control over majority of their lives disconnecting them from reality.

When Facebook was down a couple of weeks ago I found out from friends …

I didn’t know, I was enjoying lunch with my friend in a real 3 D life setting.

Each time I feel like something or someone is trying to control me or manipulate my mind I turn the other way.

I’m not mainstream …

Never was.



Perhaps that’s why I magnetize so many gentle, artistic souls to my world, I don’t know …

Deep thinkers and feelers.

Modern philosophers.

True life hedonists who intrinsically understand what life’s pleasure and desires are.

I just do me.

It’s my own personal strategy.

So …

I’m finishing this little share by something that naturally became my motto -

Stay fabulous while on your journey

And do so

by being






As always ~

Stay fabulous while on your journey x

Wishing you a wonderful day,


Love. Malgosia (Margo) 💋


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